Underfloor Heating

Greenhouse have over 10 years experience in Domestic and Commercial projects and are one of the market leaders in design and supply of Underfloor Heating Systems in Ireland.

Underfloor Heating Ireland

Green-house are one of the leading Irish suppliers of the highest quality and specification Underfloor heating systems for Domestic and Commercial installations of any size. We are a distributor for Comisa multilayer Alupex-pipe and press fittings for all commercial and domestic plumbing and heating installations. Comisa multi-layer pipe technology meets the most stringent certification criteria and is covered by a comprehensive guarantee and insurance.

We also offer design and supply only underfloor heating system package direct to your plumbing or building contractor. Simply drop into our showroom with your floor plans or alternatively email in PDF or CAD drawings and we will expertly design your system. We can also offer full training on Underfloor heating installation.

Greenhouse have carried out many major Underfloor Heating, Renewable and Plumbing projects in Irelandin recent years in conjunction with some of the biggest mechanical contractors in the State.

Projects such as Áras an Uachtaráin, 350 Apartments in South Dublin (approx 16,000m2), large domestic housing developments in Donnybrook and Portmarnock, and a 24,000m2 Shopping Centre in Drogheda. More recently we have done the Underfloor heating system and the liquid screed in Beaumount Hospital and also the Underfloor system in the new Audi Showroom in Naas.

underfloor heating
Suspended Timber Floor
Timber Floor over existing Slab with Screed or Trays
Underfloor heating – Screed
Intermedia Floor Hollow Core Pre-Cast Units
Single Pour Floor
Standard Sold Floor

Variotherm Floor Solution

A floor heating system that requires no conventional screed and that is easy to install. That is suitable for renovation and new build and is light, slim, but with a high output. All this is combined in the 20 mm VarioComp floor heating system, which is perfect for renovations as there is no need to dig down for height for a traditional underfloor heating system.

The selected area is cleared and the VarioComp panels are fitted to the floor. The specially milled routing in the panel guarantee fast laying on all even subfloors. The VarioProFile pipe is then laid and at the same time immediately stably fixed into place with the pipe running back to the installed underfloor heating manifold. Finally, the VarioComp filling compound is poured over the boards and levelled off. The floor finish can be fixed after a s short drying period of a minimum of 24 hours.

Retro Fitting

Underfloor heating is radiant heat, which is similar to the heat you feel in direct sunlight on a warm summer’s day. It is the most comfortable form of heat because it ‘radiates ‘ evenly and gently upwards and comes from the entire floor area, providing warm feet and a cooler ceiling for a cool head!!. Radiator driven heating has inherent hot and cold spots and these in turn lead to draughts particularly at floor level.

Because there are no hot and cold spots with under-floor heating, the airflow and draughts are all but eliminated and the circulation of dust and dust mites is therefore significantly reduced. The moisture content of the room is also typically much lower due to the constant heat and consequently dust mites cannot thrive.

Underfloor heating also operates typically at temperatures no warmer than the palm of your hand, unlike radiators which can reach very high temperatures. It therefore makes a much safer and more comfortable environment, particularly for young children.

Although installation of Underfloor heating is slightly more expensive than conventional radiators – the benefits far outweigh the costs. It has been shown that Underfloor heating typically offers savings of 15% to 25% on the household heating bill. The advantages of Underfloor heating are maximized when combined with a heat pump because the optimum economic operation of a heat pump produces water with a temperature of between 35 and 40 degrees.

Underfloor heating opens up the world of renewable energy for a home. Heatpumps ( Air Source & Geothermal) are designed to work in conjunction with underfloor heating systems as they operate a lower temperature. This results in very low running costs in comparison with conventional gas and oil boiler system.

Good quality thermostats are at the heart of a properly designed Underfloor heating system. Each zone (or room) has an adjustable thermostat. These can be set at the desired temperature and the thermostat calls the heat source to provide heat only when it is needed, thereby saving on energy costs. Multi channel clocks are used for overall control of the entire domestic heating and hot water system (even including the use of radiators if installed).

Tiles and stone floors heat up quickest, but most timber floors whether solid or floating are equally compatible with Underfloor heating. Carpet is also very popular and comfortable with Underfloor heating

Servicing & Repairs

Like any mechanical equipment, underfloor heating systems need regular servicing and maintenance to guarantee they operate at their best. Green-floor provide a comprehensive servicing and maintenance service.

Servicing allows our engineers look out for signs of any failures in the heating system, ensuringthat it is constantly running smoothly and efficiently. Our specialised team can problem solve most underfloor heating faults giving customers piece of mind.


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