Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid Screed can be laid quickly and set with ‘spirit-level’ accuracy. This makes our screed the perfect solution for Underfloor Heating for both the residential & commercial projects.

Liquid Floor Screed Ireland

Green-House are one of Ireland’s top specialist liquid screed installers pouring the technologically advanced Hemi Hydrate liquid floor screed called Ultraflo®. Our Liquid Screed can be laid quickly and set with ‘spirit-level’ accuracy. This makes our screed the perfect solution for Underfloor Heating for both the residential & commercial projects. Our Ultraflo® Liquid Floor Screed is known for its precision finish.

Green-house have specialised in liquid screed installations for over 10 years working with companies like CPI, Cemex & Roadstone developing their product and our own expertise & experience before settling on Ultraflo Hemi-Hydrate due to its market leading quality, strength and drying times.


Certified Greenhouse Floor System

We have our own fully trained “in house” team ready for projects ranging from small extensions up to large nursing homes and hospitals. We can take the Liquid screed installation to the next level and offer a full designed and certified floor system we call “Greenhouse Floor” where we can offer a turnkey solution installing the floor insulation, plastic, side insulation, underfloor heating system and liquid screed. This is all designed in house by our team. Greenhouse’s Project managers will manage your project from an initial site survey, through to the installation stage, moisture content testing and on to final certification.

Greenhouse would recommend aiming to pour a liquid screed at an average depth of 45mm. This average depth is fully dependant on the concrete sub floor level.

Our expert team will use tripods and a laser to set the floor level perfectly to make sure you have enough cover over your underfloor heating pipes while giving you a perfectly level floor.

Minimum screed depth will be 36mm and our maximum recommended screed depth would be 60mm.

  • Liquid Screed is a self-levelling product resulting in a perfectly level every time.
  • Liquid screed is generally 45mm which complements our underfloor heating systems perfectly making it far more responsive & efficient.
  • Improved U-Values for the house.
  • No shrinkage or cracks
  • Our team can pour up to 700m² Per Day and the screed can take light footfall in 12 hours.
  • The screed can be forced dried after 7 days and has much faster drying times compared with traditional sand & cement.
  • Much faster to apply than traditional sand & cement screeds.
  • We use laser levelling tripod system to expertly lay the flattest floor possible.
  • Very light so our screed is suitable for pouring over a Timber joist & plywood setup.

All screed drying times are measured using a standardised drying conditions of 20C room temperature and with 65% relative humidity. With all Hemi Hydrate Liquid Screeds a general rule of thumb for drying times will be 1mm per day up to 40mm and .5mm per day after 40mm. Our screed can take light footfall after 12 hours. We can force dry our liquid screed 7 days after it has been poured and in most cases we can have a 50mm average depth screed dry for tiling in 1 month.

Our Ultraflo screed does not need to be machine sanded as with an Anhydrite liquid screed, although the tile association of Great Britain does recommended that all screeds are sanded prior to tiling. We would always recommended the screed to be primed with a BAL APD primer once the screed is dry (0.5% for tiles floors & 0.75% for wood floors).


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